Philly Loves Lacquer - The Fancy Winter Wench Collection Swatches

As it is the start of the year, there are LOTS and lots of new polish collections hitting the shelves of your local and online shops. I am definitely loving all of the choices right now!
Because of this, I have a serious week of collection swatches to show you. There will be a mix of indie and mainstream so I hope you find there is a little something for everyones tastes and budgets.

Today I am excited to share the newest collection from Philly Loves Lacquer, a brand I have been seeing around the web for quite some time now - let's get to it!

The collection I have for you today is the Fancy Winter Wench Collection! It is named for two divisions of the Philadelphia Mummers Parade - the Fancy Brigade and the Wench Brigade. Each color is named for a group in either brigade.

Here is the full 8 piece collection. A very diverse collection of colors and finishes! There are a few holographic polishes in this collection that have a scattered holo finish, please note that while my pictures don't show the rainbows, they are here in real life. I am trying almost daily to figure out how to capture holos!

Avenuers - a grey base with scattered rainbow holo and microglitter.

Here is Avenuers shown at 2 coats plus top coat.

This is a divine medium grey with holo shimmer.

Formula was top notch, easy as pie (where did that saying even originate from?) - reminded me of a darker version of Illamasqua Raindrops.

Cara Liom - a medium sort of lilac purple with scattered holo and a stunning gold/yellow shimmer

The golden sheen of this polish is much more prominant than the holo bits of it, but it makes it so unique that its hardly a consolation.

Another fantastic formula - this is 3 coats plus top coat.

A big favorite for me here.

Clevemore - super vampy blood red scattered holo.

This is a rich, rich red. If there was such a thing as Chocolate Wine, this would be it.

Immaculate formula, 2 coats plus top coat.

The pigmentation in this polish is decadent, nearly a one coater.
Froggy Car - a super cute grass green holo jelly with gold flakies and shimmer.

This was a surprise on the nail, I was expecting holo but not the gorgeous golden shimmer and flakies I was met with - truly a winner!

Shown here at 3 coats plus top coat.

It's a jelly, so its a BIT sheer, nail line is a little visible here but nothing like real life where it's just not visible. Formula was fantastic again.

Golden Crown - a white scattered holo! With some gold to silver shifting shimmers.

I noticed after I swatched these that some other bloggers had layered this one. But as one blogger here who is always on the hunt for a white holo, I certainly wanted to show this off on its own.

This is 3 coats plus top coat. It layers nicely and has great shimmer payoff, switching between warm and cool.

I love it! I can't wait to play with this over some color too, but it DEFINITELY stands on its own just fine.

Saturnalian - dark blue scattered holo. Leaned somewhat green for me.

Now if you give me a blue scattered holo like this that leans just enough green to be teal, well I'll just go ahead and love you forever. Favorite. 

The color - DREAMY AND DEEP. The formula - OMG. Such perfection it was also almost another one coat polish like Clevemore.

I just can't even - can you?????

Shooting Stars - a clear base glitter topper full of silver dazzling glitters in many sizes.

Here is ONE coat over Avenuers. Plus top coat.

The shine in these metallic glitters is super reflective, it was catching red like nobodies business in these photos.

The glitter to base ratio here is perfect. No dabbing required, it glides on easy like its applying itself.

The Pirates - black scattered holo with rainbow microglitters.

Another deeply pigmented polish here. These darker holos in the collection are easy to apply and if careful you can swing one coat.

This was another favorite for me, I love the luster of the holo in this, I know it would look fantastic mattified. (Sorry, I forgot the matte this time!)

I don't even know how to pick favorites here - I loved every single polish in this collection for one reason or another. Saturnalian was the biggest win in my book, but honestly, they're all perfection.

And below is a product shot from Philly Loves Lacquer so you can see them in their full size bottle glory:

This collection is comprised of 8 bottles: 1 dense glitter topper, 3 holos with micro glitters, and 4 holographic finishes. 
Clevemore - a deep vampy dark red scattered holo
Cara Liom - a bright purple scattered holo
Froggy Car - a bright green scattered holo with gold micro glitter and gold flakies 
Saturnalian - a dark blue scattered holo
The Pirates - a black scattered holo with a rainbow of micro glitter
Avenuers - a grey creme with a light scattered holo and a rainbow of micro glitter
Golden Crown - a whitened scattered holo with a gold and silver shift
Shooting Stars - a dense glitter topper made of silver glitters of various shapes and sizes

If you would like to include information on each of the brigades and groups, you can find more information at the Philly Mummers website -

The collection will be available for purchase on January 24, 2014 at 7pm EST. The full-size collection will be $85, and the mini size collection will be $42.50. You will be able to purchase a 4 bottle bundle of your choosing in either full size ($42.50) or mini size ($21.25). Individual bottles will be available only in full size, $12 for holos and $11 for the glitter topper. 

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