Rainbow Leopard Tutorial Featuring Pure Nail Lacquers

I'm taking a short break from the Digit-al Dozen this week/today to bring you another in the Pure Tutorials Series I'll be doing here on the blog once a month.
Pure Nail Lacquer sponsors a few bloggers to produce tutorials doing anything we want with any of their polishes - so today I decided to do a pretty easy/everyone can do it type of tutorial - Rainbow Leopard! Truth be told I was a bit at a loss for what to do this month, so Nory of Fierce Makeup & Nails is to thank for this idea!

We can start off with the Video Tutorial and afterwards you can see pics of the finished manicure.

I had planned a different design for the January Tutorial, which is why in the video/mani I didn't have a green handy. Luckily yellow and blue make green and I know the basics of primary colors! I kind of love the green that Sunny Disposition and Lucid made!

The polishes used in this mani were:
Blamless (white)
Limitless (black)
Sinless (red)
Fiesta (orange)
Sunny Disposition (yellow)
Lucid (blue)
Loyal (purple)

I don't usually go in for 3 color gradients but this one was totally worth it - I especially love the red/orange/yellow one!

I also wanted to show it to you with a matte top coat - because AWESOME!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!
Now if you are interested in purchasing any of these amazing polishes - check out the Pure Shop or follow them on Instagram!

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