The Ghosts of Chirality Polish Collection - Swatches and Review

Happy day today!
One of my favorite things in blogging life is when a new batch of polishes show up from Chirality.
It's no secret I adore the brand AND the couple behind it, they always drop some amazing lacquers with attitude, and I find they are one of those brands that just has a great story each and every time.
This time they are releasing a line based on Ghosts...not cheesy movie ghosts, but real, scary, haunting your soul ghosts.

Behold - the Ghosts of Chirality Collection! 9 gorgeous linear holographic shades, which includes one pure holo top coat that doesn't silver your base!

Formulas on all 9 of these are consistent across the board - fantastic flow, 2 coats and truly beautiful linear holo prism with no dulling of the shade itself. So I will save us all the trouble of constant repetition and just get that out of the way now!
And here we go - there are over 40 photos so brace yourselves!

Apparition - A deep and sultry vampy shade. It verges somewhere on the border of plum and brown. 

The darker shades in this collection definitely have a much stronger rainbow, but I'm sure its just a trick of the eye - whatever it is, you can definitely see it here!

I really love the tone and character of this polish, slightly plummy, slightly brown, its just not sure what it wants to be when it grows up!

So that's Apparition, and it is definitely one of my favorites of the collection. 

Entity - a green leaning blue holo - basically teal, but it can fool you in certain lights.

And in case you wondered, why yes, this is ANOTHER of my favorites from this collection.

Another great sparkly rainbow, Entity is very rich in color as well.

I'm really impressed with how vivid these polishes are and how little the holo bits tainted the deepness. 

Orbs - this one is the closest to a silver holo there is in the collection, but it appears to have a faint green hint to a sage green almost. But very light.

It's another chameleon, sometimes leaning silver, sometimes green, sometimes even sort of a taupe.

I can't figure this one out...she's very interesting.

But again - Orbs is brimming with linear rainbows!

Phantom - this is what I would call a taupey-brown holo.

It has a tendency to pull a bit taupe so I'd gather its somewhere between a brown and taupe, light to medium in tone.

This is a perfect work appropriate shade that can be dressed up for night - super versatile!

Here you can really see how it seems to pull brown at certain angles.

Revenant - this one is quite similar to Phantom but is slightly darker and browner.

Revenant is what I would call a mink brown just want to pet the thing!

It's so soft yet cool toned, I loved this one so much it ALSO made my favorites!

Just as work appropriate as Phantom and just as brimming with bursts of ROYGBIV!

Spectre! This polish is a beautiful lilac holo. 

Is this possibly the most perfect spring color you ever saw?! I can't say I even own a holo this color!

This is a little lighter than true color but it was a pretty good shot of the linear rainbow you will see in this and all of the polishes in this collection.

For a purple shade this one pulls remarkably warm, it seems to have some great golden shimmer in there that comes out to play every now and then.

Spirits - Olive green holo.

Just when you thought you were getting sick of me saying it - THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES IN THIS COLLECTION!

When I began swatching this collecton, every polish was more awesome than the last and I thought OMG I love every single thing! But Spirits - wowza.

This polish is DEEP. I mean this one could possibly pass with one coat its so pigmented and beautiful. Holo level is epic with this one.

Wraith - a dusty brown leaning purple holo.

Yeah, so I love this one too. This is also extremely pigmented and just a knockout in person.

These plummy holo shades were all the rage last year and this one is competing heavily against those....

Wraith has a medium silver shimmer running through it that you can catch at certain angles, but it does not dull the shade of this polish in the least, it just ADDS to it in the best possible way.

Ok - so just when you thought we were done here, I still have more. SO much more.
There is also a Linear Holo Top Coat that comes with this collection, and you even get it free when you buy a FULL SIZE or MINI Set of this entire collection. I think it's also available on its own too.
Anyway - I used a LOT of it to show you how awesome it can be over so many things!

Ectoplasm - A standard silvery holo base, but as you will see, this in no way greys out or muddies up what you put it over. The following swatches are 2 coats over the base colors.

Ectoplasm over Black

Ectoplasm over Essie Naughty Nautical

Ectoplasm over Pure Sassy Me

Ectoplasm over White

Oh man you guys. You like holographic polishes? Who doesn't anymore, right?
You need these. There haven't been many times in my blogging lifetime that I uttered the words "You need these holos!" because you know I don't die for holos. But these.....oh la freaking la!
So here are the details about getting your pretty painted paws on these polishes!
They are being released this Saturday, January 11, 2014. As far as I know, they go live right at Midnight MST.
They will all be available for purchase through the Chirality Big Cartel shop and the Chirality Etsy shop.
One good thing to add right about here is you don't have to get your heart rate pumped up to shop at Chirality. They keep a good stock and they rarely have sellout issues, so if you aren't around at Midnight, you can bet you should still be able to get your polishes later on - I love that so much!!
All of the polishes retail for $12, with the exception of Ectoplasm (the top coat), which will be $9.50
If you purchase the full set of 8 Holos, in either mini or full-size, you will receive the top coat for free - sweet! You want that top coat!
Also - if you buy the full set you save - all 8 polishes (not including the top coat) would run you $96, but they will have the sets listed at a discount of $87 for the entire set (or $44 for the mini collection) - AND you are still getting Ectoplasm for free. 
Yes, I was good in math but thats crazy good you guys!
So I hope you partake in this amazing collection - let me know which ones you like best!
ALSO a huge thank you to Amanda and Jason of Chirality for being awesome at everything they do! Follow them on Facebook!

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