Its the Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Kickoff Day! - Day 1 - Achromatic

Hello there - I've missed you guys the last couple of days!
I have been frantically prepping my challenge manicures for this month so I could take some time and get caught up on reviews while it's running - so welcome to February, the month of the Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge!
This was a challenge I pieced together several months ago and I'm so glad it's finally here!! If you are interested in jumping into the challenge or trying it another month - you can find info HERE on the prompts, inlinkz and hashtag gallery codes and challenge graphics. Now let's get started!

So the first prompt for the challenge is - Achromatic.

Achromatic theoretically means without color. It can also be stretched to mean neutral, but I went with the most base definition and removed all color - aka greyscale.

I started with a white base color - here I used Pure Nail Lacquer in Blameless.

Then when dry I did a black to white gradient, continuing with Blameless and adding Pure Nail Lacquer in Limitless (aka the black polish in the gradient)

I top coated the gradient and when it was dry I taped a triangle shape from cuticle to tip and painted black, then removed the tape and added one more coat of top coat.

Now check out the other fine bloggers and people participating in the Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge:


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