Leesha's Lacquer Swatches & Review

Hi sweet babies!!
It feels like FOREVER since I live posted. I have had most of the last week or two of the NAGG Challenge pre-scheduled so this is the first daily live post I've done in awhile! Hope you're all doing well...I have had a very busy couple of weeks and am so glad it's finally slowing down a bit! But today I have a few beautiful polishes from Leesha's Lacquer to share with you! You in? Better be! Let's go!

I have reviewed Leesha's Lacquer polishes before, HERE. Just like those, these are all beautiful and easy to apply polishes! Maybe even better than the last bunch!

Desert Mirage - a jam packed holographic glitter topcoat full of sparkly holo microglitters, some light blue holo glitters and larger black glitters.

I've shown Desert Mirage here at just 1 coat over American Apparel Peacock.

The polish is one you could layer a coat over another polish as I did here for just a smattering of beautiful sparkle, or you could layer it up over another polish and get pretty close to full coverage. It has the perfect amount of glitters in the bottle for you to decide.

This would sing over a galaxy sponged base too - look at all of those sparkling starry bits!

This swatch also included a finishing top coat.

Life of the Party - a dreamy crelly orchid base full of black, grey, purple and hot pink glitters. It's much less jelly than a lot of glitters, PLUS it dries matte/satin!

Shown here at 3 coats in its natural state of dryness.

Formula was divine and I am so in love with how this dries down to a gorgeous waxy type finish.

Glitters came out nicely, not tons of them, but I like that at 3 coats I'm not swimming in bunched up glitters.

I love the grey glitters! And the hot pink, you can see how hot it is when its layered under polish and still shines through brightly!

And a bonus shot with a shiny top coat.

Madde Matter - a clear base glitter top coat with a mix of matte and metallic glitters in aqua, teal, pistachio green and holo bits.

Hellooooo!! This ALSO dries MATTE! How awesome, its like a glitter and matte top coat in one!

This is one coat in its naturally dried state over Nails Inc MaliBlush

This one has a great amount of glitters that come out with one coat!

I adore the variety of shapes and colors in this so much!

Pretty great with a shiny top coat, too - don't you think?

Pretty great stuff - if I do say so!
Leesha's Lacquer is a newer brand out there but definitely one you don't want to pass by - here are the details on their shop:

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