Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go - Day 11 - Wallpaper

Well - it looks like here in Georgia we are "maybe" getting some more snow...or maybe we aren't. They can't seem to figure it out but it's all they can talk about.
I dont mind it, but it seems to make a lot of people crazy, and hopefully after the last snow we had a few weeks ago we won't have any issues like we did when we went without water for 4 days.
Winter, I am SOOO over you.

Todays prompt in the NAGG Challenge is Wallpaper. I was going for something similar to the movie poster for The Orphanage (that decaying wallpaper look) but I believe it fell a little short.

I started with a red base and added some different damask type stamping designs, then I went in with black polish and very sparsely swept some distress marks across the stamping.

I then matte coated it and applied some acetone spots and wiped away some layers of polish.

I think this would be a pretty cool look if I had added something under the red to show through - will definitely be trying this one again because I loved the idea of it!


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