Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go - Day 12 - Camouflage

Hey guys!
This is a little late, but I'm still on the right day at least! I've been fighting being sick for a few days and of course it never fails when you're late there will be plenty of things to be make you even later! Like SNOW! And maybe I had a nervous breakdown this morning too.
Oh we go with Day 12!

For this mani I used the following:
Base - Nicole by OPI - Taupe of My Class
Dots - OPI - Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
Camouflage Colors - Lime Green (American Apparel MacArthur Park) - Olive Green (Color Club Artsy Craftsy) - Brown (Nicole by OPI Promises In The Dark)

I drew the camo blobs on simply with a dotting tool, the ring finger got a little too weird for me though so I added the dots to girlie it up a little AND hide the stuff I didn't like!


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Missy Molotov

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