Nail-Art-A-Go-Go - Day 17 - Animation

Oh boy!
I am so very excited about todays post.
One of my favorite shows ever is Adventure Time. I have wanted to do some AT nails for quite some time now but everytime I see someone else do them I decide to not do them. But then this prompt came along and I knew it was (Adventure) Time!
Of course, I kept it a little simple and only did one character (albeit one with many faces) - but since BMO is my favorite character on the show, its hardly a sacrifice!

I based the many BMO faces on the BMO toy I have where you can flip the face to show different expressions.

Nothing I used here is easy to describe, the base color of BMO's body was mixed from a few different polishes, and then the rest is acrylic paint.

After all was dry I added top coat and then matte top coat.


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