Nail-Art-A-Go-Go - Day 20 - Pop Culture

Ok - so I am excited as I can be over todays mani!
I love robots, I have loved robots since I can remember, they are right up there with my love for Frankenstein!
So I was torn between doing them for Sci Fi day or for Pop Culture day, as you can see I did them for Pop Culture Day, and it was soooo hard not to bump them up to Sci Fi so I could post them sooner!

The base here is something from Essence, I lost the pic I took of the polish when I was editing and I'm just too lazy to go and look!

The silver is from Color Club, its called On the Rocks. I traced out my outlines in black acrylic, painted them in with the silver polish and then went back in with black acrylic paint and added details and outlines.

I kept the finish top coat free so you could see the different textures and finishes of the shimmer base, the metallic robot color and then the matte acrylic paint elements.


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