Nail-Art-A-Go-Go - Day 23 - Oils

Hey loverlies!
Today...what day is it today? I'm scheduling these somewhat in advance because I have a pretty busy week at the end of the month here and I want to make sure I get things happy whatever day it is today!
For the NAGG Challenge, today the prompt is "Oils" - I took this as a literal sign to do a cool thing I had in my brain for a few weeks, a brushstroked mani with a twist.

I had just gotten the OPI Brazil Collection when I did these, so they are almost all exclusively from that collection. The base is Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, and all of the brushstrokes are also from the Brazil collection, with the exception of the purple (which is Urban Outfitters Bandeau) and the neon green (which is Sation Loudest Color)

This is similar in technique to the Chalkboard Nails Distressed mani, where you remove all the polish from the brush and then stroke it on - but obviously two minor differences here being that I used no black to "distress" and I did them from left to right.

Essentially I was going for more of an oil brushstroked on canvas look but with bright rainbows of color.

I also have to mention that I had just bought and cracked open a brand new bottle of Poshe Top Coat here. It was the first time I used it and I was really pretty blown away by its shine. It also is important to mention that I wore this manicure for TEN DAYS and the only wear was the minorest on my tips and my cuticle grow-out. The stuff is unreal.


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