Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Day 9 - Inner Geek

Hi sweeties!
Today is Inner Geek day for the Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge!
I decided to go freehand for this one and do some random little geeky items for every geek.
Unfortunately, my super thin brush I like to use for details had slipped under my table (it's since been recovered) so I had to use a different brush and I think the mani suffers because of that, but it's still fun!

So for the pinky I did an inhaler using white black and blue acrylic paints on a red base.

The ring finger is a pocket protector on a white base. I used black, blue, yellow and red paint for this one. I think its my favorite nail of the mani.

Yeah, so the middle is supposed to be a calculator. But my missing brush would have really helped here for the numbers, instead of what just looks like chaos.

And then the pointer is glasses with tape on them!


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