Renaissance Cosmetics - Love...Everyday Collection

It's another double-header here!
Today I have a GORGEOUS little collection to show you from new brand Renaissance Cosmetics. This is their Love...Everyday Collection, which features 4 beautiful girlie polishes that were inspired by Valentines Day but are all made to be worn any day of the year!
If you love pink, follow me!

Black Heart, Don't Care (love the name!) - a white crelly base full of coral pink shards and small glitters, white squares, black hearts and what looks like white or light pink flakies, and some very tiny red shimmers! Its very unique for sure.

Formula was great - thick but opaque without covering the glitters much - this is 2 coats plus top coat.

I love this unique mix of glitters, this is the only one I would consider very "Valentiney" of the collection, but still easily wearable any day.

Love...Everyday - a pale pink filled with lots of small fleck-like glitters in purple and gold 

Shown here at again, only 2 coats! The opacity in every polish in this collection is great at just two coats.

This is a very dainty but beautiful polish - super work appropriate, too!

Rosie-Osie - a STUNNING red/pink jelly base with a mix of beautiful small glitters that add but don't overpower.

This one seemed more pink in real life than in my pictures, but trust me, whether you like pink or red you need it! It is SO pretty!

Shown at 2 coats plus top coat.

Taffeta Gown - a medium coral leaning pink with a beautiful golden shimmer and linear holo. The holo is not super in your face, its pretty subtle, but its still a knockout!

There's no doubt whichever sort of lighting you are in, you will see either the gold or the holo shimmering out from under that beautiful pinkish coral!

Shown at 2 coats, no top coat.

Pretty gorgeous, right?!
This collection is already available, so check it out HERE.
Also make sure and check Renaissance Cosmetics out socially:

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