Triple Seven Polish - The Winter Collection

Two posts for you today!
And I think you're really gonna be happy about hearing from me two times today!
I had the extremely satisfying pleasure of swatching some polishes for the new brand Triple 7 Polish, and today I get to show them to you!
The sweet and talented lady who runs T7P, Tahlia, sent me her newest Winter Collection (which drops tomorrow by the way) to share with you guys - so buckle in, its gonna be a holo hayride you won't soon forget!

Look at all of these pretty babies! The Winter Collection consists of 3 crelly glitters and 4 scattered holo polishes, and I won't give you spoilers, but you need them all.
And can I just mention how much I love the theme of this collection AND the logo for this brand? HELLO VEGAS I MISS YOU!

First up is 10 O'Clock Show - delicate peach packed with pink miscroshimmer, rose gold larger glitters and tiny holographic sparklies.

This polish covered so well but didn't hide its glitters - shown here at 2 coats plus top coat.

This is a really fun combo of colors and even though I thought it might look bad on me, it so didn't!

A Dustland Fairytale - a beautiful brown scattered holo with a hint of plum to it.

Wonderful formula on this one - just 2 coats.

I love the shade of this, its not quite chocolatey, its got something more to it which makes it really unique

Blazing 7s - a fiery orange-red brimming with gold microshimmer and full of small holo red and black glitters.

Reds must be growing on me, because this I LOVED!

Also - formula fantastico! 2 coats plus top coat here.

Dusk Till Dawn - a deep plum scattered holo. 

This formula was divine - it was nearly and probably a one coat polish! Nice and opaque, but I did two coats here just to clear up any small patchiness.

I am so in love with this shade, its just perfection.

The Nightlife - a navy/midnight blue scattered holo

This one was slightly sheerer than the other holos, but still opaque at 2 coats! How gorgeous is this?!

Really loving this, but I have been on a serious blue kick for months, so this comes as no surprise.

Bankroll - dark murky green scattered holo

This polish is another fantastic near one coater! But shown at 2 for photo purposes!

It should come as NO SURPRISE that this is my number one pick of the collection. It leans just enough blue to be teal, so win!

This one definitely needs a run up against Saint George.

Cool Hand - a white crelly lit up with blue microshimmer and then really cool dark blue and iridescent small glitters.

This was the sheerest of the collection clocking in at 3 coats. But its white so that's ok. And it almost can pass at 2 if you use a heavier hand and don't mind the slighest of your nail line showing.

A really neat aspect to this polish is the iridescent bits of glitter in this, they sparkle mostly copper, and I LOVE that!

Definitely a unique addition to my collection! You can see in the bottle the bits of glitter flashing copper here.

So now - this collection will be live on the Triple 7 Polish shop at 3pm PST (which is 6pm EST) on February 5, 2014 (thats tomorrow/AKA Wednesday). 
Here are the stats on how to stay up to date with Triple 7:

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