Black Pearl Bow Decorations Reviewed

Today I have some cute nail art decorations to share with you - since I'm still battling the sickies I will keep it short and sweet - let's go!

These cute little black bows are from KKCenterHK - they're called Seemingly Pearl Black Bow Nail Art Decorations (that name cracks me up!) You get 50 to a pack and they are 4mm x 5mm in size. I can't comment on the price since as of publishing this post they are sold out! I will update this if I remember!

For this mani I started with a base of Color Club Wicked Sweet - on the accent finger I added the bows using top coat - but since they sit up from your nail, you may want to use nail glue if you are planning to keep them on for longer than an hour or doing ANYTHING physical.

For the other nails I added a coat of Hungry Asians Sneeze Breeze and then I stamped over that in black with a floral design from the MoYou Pro Collection 02 plate.

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