Check out these killer snakeskin decals!

Hi guys!!
Hope you're all having a good weekend and enjoying any good weather you might be fortunate enough to get!
Today I've got some fun water decals to share with you...

Here are the decals I received from Born Pretty Store. They are simply called - 

4Patterns Fantastic Lizard Fierce Tiger Patterned Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker. This pack runs $2.88 and each pattern has 10 sizes printed on the sheet. However, if you work like me and cut them in half to use as tip designs, you get double the amount!

I started with a base of OPI AmazON AmazOFF. I wanted to closely match the color of the teal colored snakeskin decals, but as it turned out, they were a bit sheer and it probably wouldn't have even mattered that much!

These applied as easily as any other water decal I've tried. The thing I noticed different about THESE decals was that when I top coated them the parts that werent on my nail (like the parts of the tips hanging off my free edge/sides past my cuticles) sort of melted. It was pretty cool. I think my top coat sort of shrunk them to my nail like how you might see a heat gun used to melt plastic to an object.

I cut these decals using some zigzag pinking shears to add a little extra pizazz to the design. Hahah oh yeah, I totally said PIZAZZ!

So if you love these as much as I do - go grab em up! Use my code and save more on your purchase than the already rock bottom prices at Born Pretty Store.

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