China Glaze City Flourish Swatches and Review

Today I've got some swatches to share with you from the newest China Glaze Collection - City Flourish.
This is a really pretty collection - full of neon spring shades and soft pastels.
I've got 6 of the 12 to show you today - let's check it out!

Metro Pollen-Tin (3 Coats)

Grass Is Lime Greener (3 Coats)

At Vase Value (3 Coats)

Peonies and Park Ave (3 Coats)

Lotus Begin (2 Coats)

What A Pansy (2 Coats)

I've heard some reviewers say they really disliked the formulas on some of these, but I have to say I just don't get it. I found even the neon pastel shades to be really easy to work with - while some say 3 coats, a normal person not shooting pics of their hands in macro could easily pull off 2 coats. They all seemed to have a thicker consistency than normal - but it wasn't unpleasant - it kind of reminded me of a gel polish consistency.
Definitely give them a look - they are great staple colors and super bright for going into summer!

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