Ebalay Matte Blue Swatch PLUS VIDEO HOW-TO: Painting and Cleaning Up Your Mani

Today is VIDEO DAY!
My good friend Nory and I are doing a once a month twinsie video segment on our blogs. Last month we did the Stash Video and this month we are doing a polishing and cleanup video!
I've also got a review in the mix here so we've got a twofer today!

My review is on this GORGEOUS polish from KKCenterHK - it is by Ebalay and its simply called Blue Matte. It retails for $6.23

The polish applied easily and creamy, shown here at 2 perfect coats in its natural dried state.

Then you can add a top coat and WHAPOW!!! Look at that shimmah!!!

This polish is so beautiful matte or shiny!!

Use this coupon code if you want to purchase this polish to save yourself some DOLLAH$
Now onto the video portion of the post - How To Paint and Cleanup Your Manicure:

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