Gnarly Number Ones for February 2014

Looks whats back!

With the hustle of the holidays, prepping for a challenge and DOING a challenge, well, the number ones post got put off for a few months - but it's baaaaaack!

Favorite Tried Polish - It had to be OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around - I think I used it at least 3 times this month since getting it.

Favorite Untried Polish - Alot of them. I've pulled out a ton of untrieds to use in March, mostly old essence polishes I have and some of the Formula X by Sephora ones I had to have and then hid them away.

Favorite Indie Polish - Renaissanance Cosmetics Spadina was high on my list in February

Favorite Untried Indie - Well I just swatched ALL of my ILNP and Lynnderellas so not those. But I am most excited to wear my new acquisition from Kirstens blog sale - NailNation3000 Amazeballs!

Biggest Milestone - Well in January I had the 2 year Blogiversary, around there I also hit the 500k pageviews thing. It's been pretty quiet and I've been too busy to do much of anything but those are pretty big deals to me! ALSO - fully completing my first official challenge *I* created!

Most Viewed Post for the Month - OPI Brazil Collection. If I'm reviewing a new OPI collection, it is consistently the most viewed post of the month! You guys love the OPI!

New in My Stash - This will be happening! I'm going to get organized and start this in March!

MY Favorite Mani - My Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Round & Square Studded Mani!

Favorite Product - Ive been doing a triple header nail care routine at night for the last few days and I'm loving it. Its Orly Argan Oil Drops, lotion/cream and then finishing off with Badger Cuticle Butter. Its left my hands and cuticles so wonderful in the morning!

Favorite New Technique Or Tip - Brushstroking from the polish bottle. Salt Watercoloring was fun too.

Favorite Collection - OPI Brazil. You guys loved it, I loved it. It was a big win.

Favorite New Thing In general - I reorganized my indie polishes into 3 spice racks on a shelf above my workstation and I love it. It still doesnt hold everything, but if I put any more on display I think my boyfriend might start to worry!

Favorite TV - So much on right now! The Following, Justified, Kroll Show, Workaholics, Broad City, Face Off, Vikings, Portlandia, Hannibal, Walking Dead and Bates Motel starts on Monday! Needless to say, after 8 I'm glued to the TV most nights!
But HANDS DOWN - my favoritest new tv I stumbled upon on Netflix in February was An Idiot Abroad. My boyfriend and I both became so obsessed with it we hoarded it into our minds in like a day for all 3 seasons. Then we downloaded his new show and sucked that right down as well. Its so good, I seriously recommend it to everyone (though there is some nudity and language in most episodes, but sort of in a national geographic sort of way!)

Favorite Video Game - Nothing really. Got back into Candy Crush and finally passed level 350 after several months of being stuck on it.

What are your favorites from last month!?

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