Incoco - Garden Daydreams Collection Applique Review

Hi sweet babies!!
Am I jinxing things to say I think winter may have finally taken the hint and beat it for the year?
I hope so...
Today I have part of the adorably girlie spring collection from Incoco - Garden Daydreams.

These are the appliques I received from the Garden Daydreams collection for review. From left to right they are:
Tea Party, Garden Path, Daydreams and Second Nature

First up is Daydreams - a mix of pink and purple on a silvery white base. It's got a very feminine deconstructed floral design, almost like a brushstroked floral.

For this manicure I started with a base of Sassy Me from Pure. Then I cut the appliques with a scalloped edge craft scissor and applied them on top of the base color.

I followed up with a top coat just to seal it all together.
Next we have Garden Path - a mainly white background dotted with dainty wildflowers in yellow, pinks and greens.

I did these appliques straight to the nail - but then for some accent pop I did two nails bright yellow (American Apparel Manila) with some Houndstooth stamped in hot pink.

These were also top coated for some additional shine.

Lastly I did a combo using the other two appliques I received: Second Nature (a pink leaning nude creme) and Tea Party (a shimmery white base with pale pink dots and pink roses)

The pack of Tea Party appliques comes with a mixture of florals with dots and JUST dots, so it's a ready-made skittle/skittlette mani waiting for you there! They seemed like a fun match up with a plain creme, so I added in Second Nature - which was the best creme applique I've tried to date. It was much more forgiving and didn't show all of my nails imperfections like some I've used in the past. It also had a nice pinkish tone that reminded me of OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, which is about my favorite polish on earth right now.

Hope you enjoyed these - make sure and check out the Full Garden Daydreams Collection for lots more gorgeous designs!

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