Let's Get Superficially Colorful!

Hey loves!
This week will be a little slack on posts - after the NAGG Challenge I find myself a bit overextended and taking a small break in between it and next weeks Digit-al Dozen challenge.
So anyway! Today I'm bringing you some swatches of Superficially Colorful Lacquers, I got these FOREVER ago from Jin and since she finally decided to start selling them, I figured I'd better get to showing off how beautiful they are so you can go get yourself some too if you want 'em!!

So I won these in a giveaway Jin was having over on her blog Superficially Colorful - how beautiful are these!? All 5 of these are thermal, meaning they change color when warm/cold.

Provocative - a gorgeous dark purple when cold/in the bottle

When warmed up it shifts to a lighter tone of the same color family.

Provocative also has a beautiful purple shimmer!

Daring - truly one of my favorites here - its a vibrant orange shimmer when cold/in the bottle.

When warm, Daring shifts to a sunny yet fiery yellow.

Fascinated is a very pretty violet when cold/in the bottle

When warm it shifts to an absolutely breathtaking medium blurpley color loaded with shimmer.

Giggly - another favorite - in the bottle/when cold its an adorable dark lavender with pink shimmer

When warm - it turns to a nice light magenta with shimmers

Impulsive! Bright and cheerful blue/green when cold/in the bottle

Changes when warm to a nice, nearly neon lime green!

Would you believe these are the first thermal polishes I've ever tried? I've used UV reactive ones that change in the sun, but never ones that change with body temp.
The first two had trouble being coaxed into their changing forms, but I chalk that up to my nails not having been painted for a few days, because the rest shifted quite easily once my hands had warmed up a bit.
All of these had wonderful formulas and applied to a perfect opacity at 2 coats each.

If you'd like to check out the Superficially Colorful shop (she JUST opened up Monday) - visit here:

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