Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lynnderella SuperSpam

Hey guys!
Working through my huge pile of review products to get up to show you this week - in the meantime I have some spam to share.
My untried pile of Lynnderella's was getting a little sad to look at, pair that with the fact that my friend Ashley has hers sent to me to ship to her overseas and she let me play with hers, and that's how you end up with a Lynnderella Spam Post!

Bed of Nails (1 coat shown over Formula X by Sephora - Zap)

Candy Blossom (1 coat shown over Milani Yellow Wiz)

Connect the Dots (1 coat shown over Essence Dopey)

Connect the Dots (1 coat over ILNP You're My Boy Blue)

Connect the Dots over Ten Pipers Pinking

Elf Love (1 coat shown over Zoya Maria)

Four Calling Birds (1 coat shown over Julep Fiore)

Friendly Universe (1 coat shown over Color Club Wild Cactus)

It's Raining Shaman (1 coat shown over Essie Dive Bar)

Nine Drummers Dreaming (1 coat shown over Color Club Endless Summer)

7 Minutes in Heaven (1 coat shown over Milani Violet Dash)

Six Geese Laughing (1 coat shown over American Apparel Mount Royal)

Ten Pipers Pinking - 2 coats

The One Who Got Away (1 coat shown over Julep Adrianna)

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