Powder Perfect - The Abandoned Mansion Collection - Complete Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys!
Today I've got a whopper of a post for you...I was recently approached by the lovely Jacinta of Powder Perfect asking if I would like to review her newest collection. I didn't have much knowledge of her line, it was hitting my newsfeed here and there and I was intrigued, but that was really all I knew of it. Well...girls and boys, let me tell you - if you haven't heard of this polish line, I think it's safe to say it's about to blow up! Click through to see what I'm talking about!

Experience the crumbling facades, secret spaces and neglected luxuries of eras long past with our new collection – Abandoned Mansion.

 The shades were inspired by the ethereal and, sometimes, desolate imagery that has been prevalent in every TV show and book I have picked up over the past year.

They are colours you see in your mind as you think of old houses with grand fireplaces, cold stone walls, European forests and gothic fairy tales.

This collection has 10 polishes that feature finishes ranging from crème to glitter and scattered holographic polishes.

Here it is - The Abandoned Mansion Collection.
A Stunning array of holos, glitters and a couple of cremes.
The inspiration is so awesome too, I have always held a big love in my heart for architecture, especially gothic, and most creepy things. This collection blends them all together!

Peeling Wallpaper - A deep and rich purple creme.

Shown at 2 coats and natural finish.

This polish applied like a dream, literally perfection to apply.

Fallen Chandelier - a glitter top coat mix of silver, iridescent/holo and gold glitters in all kinds of fun shapes (no moons or flowers or anything like that, just your standard geometric shapes)

1 Coat over Peeling Wallpaper + top coat

This one is a beauty! It's the epitome of putting jewelry on your fingernails. Applied nicely with no lumpy bumpies.

Creeping Vines - a medium green jelly base full of glitters in green, silver, caramel and turquoise.

2 Coats + top coat 

I didn't have any issues with application here, but Jacinta did tell me afterwards that she has reformulated this one to make it easier to apply. But as you can see, top coat smoothed out anything lumpy, which I think was minimal at best beforehand.

I love the bits of microshimmer in this one.

Fading Tapestry - a red scattered holo with fiery orange flecks.

2 Coats with natural finish

Dreamlike formula on this one and the color! I am falling hard for red holos as of late, this one does not dissapoint!

Lost Family Portrait - a dusty blue leaning teal creme.

2 Coats in natural finish - look at that shine! This one is a knockout...great formula, beautiful shiny finish...very very nice.

Secret Passageway - a medium grey creme base with gold and bronze small glitters.

2 Coats plus top coat.

This is my thing right here. Light greys and cremes with small flecks in gold, bronze, copper are the polishes I covet the most. I want them all. And this one...oh man this one. I got this one in a mini, and I absolutely need a full size of it because it is THAT awesome. 


4 Poster Bed - dark wine colored jelly full of gold, red, purple, holo glitters.

3 Coats plus top coat.

This one screams peanut butter & jelly sandwich to me. It is so deep and beautiful. It took 3 coats to remove any patchy business, but I think with these type of jelly/glitter polishes most of them do take 3 coats for perfection.

Fog Is Rolling In - a very cool multichrome polish that has a light teal to blue to purple shift.

2 Coats with natural finish.

I love so much that this is one of those subtle chromes that shifts without even having to move your fingers. Its just there in your face forcing you to recognize its awesome.

This one was definitely a favorite with me.

Widows Walk - a beautifully deep purple scattered holo.

2 Coats with natural finish

Ok - so all of these ladies making these stunning purple holos - please keep up the good work. This one is a mind blower. Period.

Hidden Well - a medium blue jelly base with small glitters in blue and light blue. Similar to Secret Passageway in formula/glitter ratio.

2 Coats plus top coat.

This is a perfect compromise for people who like glitter but don't want to be glitterbombed. There are some seriously sparkly bits of glitter in here that make you feel like you found treasure at the bottom of the ocean.

Now the exciting news is that even though Powder Perfect is an Australian brand, they have expanded to the US! The US Stockist, LacquerChic will be open Late April. I will post their link below though.
Here are all the ways in which you can follow and buy from Powder Perfect!

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