Put Your Dupes Up! Spring Pastel Glitter Edition

Hey guys!
Today I've got one of your favorites - a comparison post!
While perusing through the beauty section at WalMart a couple of weeks ago, I came across the new polishes Hard Candy had quietly dropped into their core display and one popped out at me, not because I needed to HAVE it, but because it looked exactly like something else I had - I do it for science. I bought it JUST to show you it's twin sister.

Here are todays contenders - Formula X by Sephora 'Thunder' & Hard Candy 'King of Pop'

Definitely not dupes but they are pretty close with only minor differences. Both have great formulas.
Thunder is sparser in glitter on the brush. King of Pop definitely gets more on the nail.

And the most obvious is that King of Pop trades out those larger light pink hexes in Thunder for more peachy versions.  It's hard to say which I prefer, I LOOOOVE the addition of the orange bits that King of Pop has. It gives it a little extra something.
I am slightly addicted to the sleekness of the Sephora bottles though, I just lust them, I don't know why! Don't judge me!
Yes, Hard Candy will run you 4 bucks versus the price of the Sephora which is $12.50 but when you break it down by size...
Hard Candy is 7.8ml (.51 per ML)
Sephora is 12ml (1.04 per ML)

The winner is Hard Candy, though I will definitely keep both because they ARE different, and truth be told I just can't part with my Formula X polishes!

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