Stamping Plate Review - QA73

Hi friends!
Today I bring to you a new plate I received for review via Born Pretty Store.
It's got some fun full nail stamping designs and a few little smaller ones as well.
Let's go check it out!

Here is Plate QA73 - It's got some swirlie sort of tribal patterns, some lace and damask patterns and then a couple of random currency designs. This plate is a super deal at $1.49 right now!

For this mani I started with a base of American Apparel Rose Bowl.

Once dry I applied my stamped designs using my squishy stamper and Sinful Colors Ardoise, a deep dark grey.

All of the images transferred very nicely - any smudging is mostly due to my polish not being perfectly opaque so it spread out a little.

I love the variety of designs on this plate, the currency images are a little out of place, but I think most stamping plates usually have some oddballs on them!

If you are interesting in purchasing Plate QA73 - or anything else from Born Pretty Store, make sure to use my coupon code (you can click the image to go directly to their site):

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