Bold and Gold!

Oh hi there!
Remember me!?  I'm better!!
Not to like jinx myself or anything, but I'm feeling way better FINALLY! At least better enough to pull some manicures out of the dungeon and post them so there isn't a gaping hole here for the next week!
Let's look at some pretty bling to make us feel good!

I love gold. And with that said, I hadn't even one gold flake top coat. I wanted them sure, but something about the near $40 price tags on most of them really just put me off. So when I began seeing there was an NYC version, I kept an eye out. A few weeks or so ago, I saw one and here we are....

This is called Top of the Gold and its gorgeous! The flakes come out nicely with just one coat as shown here.

I've put this beauty over OPI Miss Piggys Big Number and then added a matte top coat.

It's not a perfectly gold flakie like the more expensive ones, but it definitely works for its price point!

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