Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Digit-al Dozen - Texture - CMYK

Texture Week with the Digit-al Dozen going strong at Day 2. I was really excited about yesterdays mani, today I'm equally excited. These two were such huge favorites in my brain I couldn't even decide which I liked more. I think this one wins on pure originality though. Some things I find inspiration from, today I just light bulbed it, and I love it so much. But enough vanity, gross....let's go look!

Eeeeee!!! I did a CMYK-MANI!

I did monochrome nails using a holo on the bottom layer and a texture on the top.

I started the base colors off by using:
C - Glam Polish Sandy (with Chirality Ectoplasm over top to bump up the holo)
M - Glam Polish Pink Ladies (with Ectoplasm again)
Y - Pure Sunny Disposition (with Ectoplasm on top)
K - Chirality Soska

Then I took various tapes, for the C i used a hole reinforcement sticker and cut part of it out to form a c. It wouldnt fit all on my nail because its much bigger, so i off-centered it. for the other letters I used thin standard striping tape and thicker (1/8") tape. I topped them with textured polishes as follows:
C - OPI Whats a Little Rain Forest (from Beach Sandies Brazil)
M - OPI I'm Brazil Nuts Over You (from Beach Sandies Brazil)
Y - OPI You're So Flippy Floppy (from Beach Sandies Brazil)
K - OPI Emotions

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