Digit-al Dozen - Texture - Quilted

Hi loves!
4 days in to Digit-al Dozen week!
Today sees the only mani I did this week that is more physically textured and not reliant on textured polish!
How about that!
I actually had high hopes to do a couple of traditional textured manis like this but time got the better of me and I just have the one!

So I started with a white base color. Then I used Orly Solid Gold and added some stripes on each side of the nail, leaving a nice wide white center portion. Then I took black and filled in the sides of each nail.

I then took a matte top coat and applied it just to the white portion. When it was almost dry I used one of those funky flossing devices and pushed it down into the polish to make the quilt lines. They're those guys that look like little 3 Musketeers swords that you find in the dental section of the drugstore.

I then took some small black rhinestones and added them down the sides where the crisscrosses met the gold.

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