Let's Use Those Untrieds! Welcome to the Neverending Pile Challenge!

Hey loves!
I've missed you!
The day my brain stopped wanting to explode from being sick turned into the day my boyfriends son came for his spring break, so as soon as I was recovering from being sick I was burst into full on babysitter mode and it's been non-stop for a week!
I'm so glad I'm better now and I'm free from ALL of the things that have been keeping me from blogging!
With that said - today starts the newest challenge we have cooked up over at The Glittah Pirates group! We want to rid ourselves of those untrieds that we love, buy and forget about! Today we're starting it off with glitter!

So today I've knocked out two untrieds - Catrice Lilactric and Maybelline Gilded Rose.

Lilactric is a gorgeous light lavender with gold shimmers. It went PERFECTLY with Gilded Rose, a gold glitter with some pinkish/lavender glitters mixed in - I swear it was meant to be!

I started off with 2 coats of Lilactric, when dry I sponged on the glitter so it would be more concentrated. This is the first glitter gradient I've done in a VERY long time, and the first time I sponged it instead of brushing it, definitely prefer this method! It's much easier to concentrate the glitters and you don't have all the base thicking up your deal.

Make sure and check out what the other girls have done for glitters today!
And follow the hashtag #TGPNPC for all of our challenge manis!

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