Saturday, April 12, 2014


Well hello there!
I have a small bit of swatch spam today.
I've been a bit sporadic in my posting lately but I thought I would throw some swatch pics up that I need to get posted before they're antiques!
This week is Digit-al Dozen week, as well as continuing on with the Neverending Pile Challenge, so there will be lots to see this week, in the meantime, enjoy these couple of pretty pics!

American Apparal - Mount Royal - 2 Coats with Natural Finish

Color Club - Endless Summer - 3 Coats with Natural Finish

Color Club - Wild Cactus - 2 Coats with Natural Finish

Dandy Nails - Like Disco Lemonade - 1 Coat over Paranoia in Bloom with Top Coat

Dandy Nails - Paranoia in Bloom - 2 Coats with Natural Finish

See ya'll Monday!

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