The Neverending Pile Challenge - Boutique

So there was a lot of debate in the group about what is considered a "boutique" polish brand. I think now with so many different countries making and carrying different items, indies, small independent stores in small cities, that the term is quite broader than it once was. I personally was open to however you wanted to interpret it, and I think in my attempt I interpreted it pretty loosely.

I went with a trio of Deborah Lippmann Polishes I've had untried for way too long. I can safely say I got all three of these from Nory. I think two were giveaway wins and one was a gift from her. Awww sweet Nory, love you girl!

I started with a base of On The Beach, the lightest of the blues here.

Then I did a water spotted design by dropping in Dancing In The Sheets and Mermaids Dream for a bit of sparkle.

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