The Neverending Pile Challenge - Least Expensive's been a tough time around here with all the crazy weather. We've been under tornado watches and storm watches and flood watches since Monday and I'm ready to turn off the weather channel.
So how about we look at some pretty polishes today?
It's "least expensive" day in the Neverending Pile Challenge, nothing less expensive than free, right??

I've used two untried polishes here, both of which I got "free". So $0 here.

The base is Julep Missy, which I had to get for obvious reasons!! It was in a Maven box a few months back that I used my Jules points with, so no charge on that! It's a beautiful silver foil, nothing groundbreaking but it was a nice one-coater and had a bit of a dirty/antique coloring to it I really liked. If you want to try Julep - there is a link on my sidebar at the bottom of the page that you can click to sign up, use the code on the graphic to receive your first Maven box for free.

Then I topped it off with Essie Stroke of Brilliance, a very shiny periwinkle glitter topper. This was a freebie via the Klout Perks program SO LONG AGO. I swear it sat for almost 2 years.

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