The Neverending Pile Challenge - Most Expensive

Today is the day in the Neverending Pile Challenge where are the big guns are gonna come out.
I don't have a lot of money, I certainly can't go out and buy Clarins whatever it is, or a Lynnderella LE...I just cant do that sort of thing unless I REALLY have to have something. And I've yet to find that something I have to have that badly. I don't even for a sec judge anyone who does, we're all justified to spend what we want on what we want! Not to mention I think it's safe to say we ALL have different ideas about what is a crazy price to pay for polish.

Todays prompt is Most Expensive Untried.  The two Nerd Lacquers I still currently own are both probably my most expensive polishes. Back when I first got into polish, NerdLacquer was the 2nd Indie I ever bought from, way back when she was in stock and around.  I later sold off my Nerds for greener pastures, but I did more recently pick a few back up that I really loved, and it cost me.

I don't recall the exact amount I paid for Walkure, but it resides in my most expensive of all time pile next to a couple of Lynns. I would say it was probably about $25 or so in a blog sale. But it's gorgeous and I've still yet to see anything that looks like it with its mix of grey, silver and gold.

I really want Don't Blink, but having this holds me off buying it until I can find it at a reasonable price. I almost like this better, but because Don't Blink is based on my all time favorite DW baddie, it will be mine one day.

Look at that closeup, my hands cut off control of my brain when I saw this for sale many months ago.

I didn't want to mar its beauty with much art, so I merely stamped a staggered line design on with China Glaze Passion on the tips.

Whats YOUR most expensive polish?

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