The Neverending Pile - Frost

Well hi there!
Welcome back to my blog!
Today is another prompt for the Neverending Pile Challenge, and its Frost!
Not the most popular of finishes, thats for sure. Luckily I just received the new MLB collection from OPI and there are a couple of frosts in it, so I figured I'd mash them up into a leopard print for todays prompt!

I started with a base of OPI 7th Inning Strrretch, a really gorgeous steel blue frost with a bit of gray/silver tone to it. I will be reviewing this collection this week, but this was definitely one of my favorites from it. Super opaque and unique.

Then I took the uber frosty orange from the collection, Orange You Going to the Game? and added some leopard spots using a dotting tool.

Orange and blue is a combination I don't see too much, its interesting I guess. I don't love it, but it's different, and I like being different!

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