The Neverending Pile - Indie

It's Indie Day for the Neverending Pile Challenge - I have plenty of those in my untrieds, that's for sure.
So I decided to see how many I could cram into one mani, but still go together. I came up with this teal and tan combo, let's check it out!

For this mani I used 3 Untrieds.

Pinky - Literary Lacquers Bionic Mmmm Detector
Ring - Contrary Polish Sand with stamping done using A England Saint George
Middle - My Ten Friends Dirtball
Pointer - Sand and Bionic Mmmm Detector

Honestly - I've owned all of these over a year easy. And why did I wait? All three are so gorgeous I kick myself for letting them sit so long. 

This macro of Dirtball, Sand and Bionic Mmmm Detector makes me swoon. Look at the cool combo of glitters in BMD?!?! I can't wait to wear that as a full manicure, so gorgeous!

So for this week my total used untrieds is - 7
And for the entire challenge so far - 15

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