The Neverending Pile - Jelly

It's Jelly Day for the Neverending Pile Challenge!
Arrr...jellies. I love the idea of them, but I always find them a bit difficult. I'm the type of gal who likes my polish opaque, but I can still enjoy a good jelly if it doesnt take 15 coats to get there. So today I took 2 jellies I had never used and put them on top of each other. How did it go? Let's go look.

This is Wet n Wild Creepy Pumpkin and it's got to be at least 3 years old I think. Just sitting there in the dark box of doom for over 3 years. I'm sorry. I had to have it at the time, I guess because it was LE/Seasonal, but then I just NEVER felt the need to wear it.

And this is Sally Hansen Hypnautical. A newer purchase I also had to have, mostly because Mr Gnarly thought I needed it. It IS teal after all...he was right to assume that!

Hypnautical imparts virtually no color, so I thought it would be nice to layer over the orange sparklies of Creepy Pumpkin. I do loooove how its flakies shine against the orange, they meshed really well.

Instead of any nail art (after all it IS Digit-al Dozen Week and that wears me out), I'm just gonna show you this great close up of the flakies!

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