The Neverending Pile - Random

Oh hi there!
Ready for the weekend?
I plan on gluing myself to the nail table and finally getting ahead of the curve! No sickies, no kiddies...just me and my pretties!
Today is another prompt in the Neverending Pile Challenge, today it's Random! So many choices! Decided to go with some Scofflaw polishes I picked up several months ago...

This is the Scofflaw Bob Ross Duo I used today. This blue is Love Letter To Bob Ross and the glitter topper is Happy Little Tree.

I am a child of the 70s, I grew up on Bob Ross on basic cable painting his happy little trees. When Scofflaw came out with this collection I was dead set on having it and stalking it. And then like all great polishes, it arrived and served time in the dungeon. Hey, no polish in my collection would be what it is today without serving time there.

I did these nails before I realized how popular the negative space nails were becoming. They've been around for quite awhile, but I do seem to be seeing way more of them in the last week or two. They're fun and really easy because they take out that base color step. Here I started with Butter London Nail Foundation, which is my go to base coat when I'm doing anything showing bare nail. Then I striping taped and covered the nail with Love Letter to Bob Ross and removed the tapes. After it dried I added a coat of Happy Little Tree and top coated! So I knocked out TWO UNTRIEDS today! That brings this weeks total to EIGHT UNTRIED USED SO FAR! Some of the ladies doing this challenge can knock out 8 in one mani. Those bitches.

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