Lip Monthly - All Lips Subscription Box Review

Happy Memorial Day!
I've spent mine dealing with storms, power outages and drama.
So it's nice to now bring you some color stuffs today! I have a couple of posts today for you in order to catch up with my weekend posts that didn't make it due to a power outage.
First off is a very cool new subscription service for lip products - Lip Monthly!

This is the May Box - their first box ever! It came packaged in a clear bag with crinkle paper, a couple of loose products, a box of products and a spec sheet and another sample product in an envelope.

All in all the presentation is beautiful and professional.

Everything opened up.

Products in this box - 3 full size lip glosses, 1 full size lip liner, a mini mascara and a sample cream blush.

Ultraflesh Panthera Mascara.

I was pretty pleased with this mascara. It went on thin, had a nice brush and didn't clump. It didn't necessarily make my lashes thicker or longer, but the color was great and it did better than a lot of mascaras I've tried.

GlamNatural - Poco Loco Lip Gloss

Nice, neutral peachy orange gloss. Felt nice, didn't have any weird smells or patchiness. 

Lipology - Outrageously Moist Lip Gloss in Pink

A nice, thin, sheer gloss with more sparkle than color. 

Hard Candy - Lip Tattoo in Fantasy

This is a 2 part lip stain and gloss system. Unfortunately the one I received had some weird green business in the clear end, so I only used the lip stain side. It sent on cold and thin and was different from any other lip stain product I've tried previously. The color was somewhere between sheer and opaque with a slightly frosty finish. I actually really liked everything about this one.

Stila - Glaze Lip Liner in Fuschia

This is a fairly sheer, meant to be like gloss, lip liner. It took quite a few coats to get opaque, but felt very comfy on the mouth. My favorite of the bunch.

Definitely pleased with this box. All of the colors are ones I would wear, since I lean more toward neutrals and peaches than anything else. The pop of color in the Stila liner was a nice welcome...usually when I want to go bold I go with a hot pink or fuschia like this one.

There was a nice mix of boutique and drugstore items, along with products I'd never even heard of.

Lip Monthly is a lip product subscription service that costs $10 a month to receive a box like the one above.  You will receive 4-5 products, some of which may NOT be lip products, but the overall box will be lip based.
You can follow Lip Monthly via Facebook and Twitter as well!

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