Morrocan Hammam Collection Kit Review + Giveaway!

I have something a little different for you today - some skincare!
I was recently approached by Canadian/Moroccan company Moroccan Hammam about trying out their line of Moroccan Oil bath and skin products. These aren't products you would use on your face, but they are fab for body and nails! So of course, I reviewed them for handcare and read on to see what I thought about these!

Here is the Moroccan Hammam Collection Kit. It consists of Black Soap, Rassoul, Moroccan Argan Oil and a "Kessa Glove" - it came all bundled up in a cute little clear zippered bag with orange trim.

Here is a before pic of my hand/nails.

First up you use the Black Soap - it's used in conjunction with the glove to work as a scrub.

It's a thick gel type paste. Very thick. This one has a very earthy type of scent. Very natural and spa-like.
The black soap is a unique product is present in the best hammams from around the world. Our version is made using the traditional Moroccan recipe. The concoction is made up from a paste of organic soil, olive pits, hash, olive oil and salt. These elements combined will fulfill a strong and effective exfoliation while smooth and not harsh to the skin. The incorporation of olive oil into our blend ensures a smooth application that helps soothe irritation and redness.

Here is a close up of the Kessa Glove.  Since receiving this kit I have used this glove numerous times. I use it on my body, I use it on my face (lightly) and it is a miracle item I can no longer be without. It's like a microdermabrasion without any chemicals! They do say not to use it on your face but I have a pretty tough face so I gave it a go and it did wonders. I use it VERY lightly for the face area.
The kessa glove is made of granular tissue indispensable for a deep skin scrub for purification and blood circulation activation.

Black soap applied to my hand and nails. Gooey!

Afterwards of soap and scrubbing. 

Next we do the Rassoul. This one has a Eucalyptus scent and will absolutely fill your house up with its smell. I loved felt so luxurious and pampering.

Found exclusively in the Moroccan Atlas, the rassoul is a natural mineral clay rich in nutrients such as silica, magnesium, iron, potassium, and sodium . The Ghassoul word in Arabic means "that washes". Its high mineral content makes it an ideal toning treatment for the whole body. The rassoul is hypoallergenic so it’s extremely soft to the skin and suitable for all skin types, even the most fragile. For the Moroccan, it is custom to offer it as a wedding gift.  This product is 100% Natural/Organic.

Applied to hand/nails and left on for about 15 minutes.

After rinsing the Rassoul off.

And the last step is using the Argan Oil. This comes in a 70ml pump bottle. 

One pump is the perfect amount to coat all 5 fingers on one hand. So I pump it onto my hand and dab enough on each finger, then go back and rub it in to my nails and cuticles.

Argan oil also named the Morocco liquid gold is a 100% organic gift from nature. Recognized as the best oil for the face skin, hair, and nails, it has a wealth of unparalleled vitamin E particularly recommended for dry skin as moisturizer or as a powerful natural anti-aging. Argan oil has long been a well kept beauty secret. Today, it continues to fill us by its antioxidant properties that are now used by the largest cosmetics laboratories.

And upon completion of the entire spa kit - look how lovely my nails and hands look now!

I did this treatment about a month ago. In that time I have also used these products on my body, and it turns out the Rassoul can be used as a hair treatment also, so I will be trying that out soon!
The Argan Oil chased with a night cream on my hands has really done wonders on my cuticles and it is now my favorite cuticle oil.

Would you like to try these for yourself?
Morrocan Hammam has offered One of these kits to my readers - so fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter for your chance to win!

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