Trust Fund Beauty - Swatch & Review

Hey guys!!
Today I have a new brand to show you - though if you are a blog follower/reader, chances are you may have already heard of it as it has made quite a splash in the nail world already.
I'm talking about Trust Fund Beauty, a new line of polishes with a sassy and genius marketing strategy! Finally a brand who gets the idea of being cheeky without being raunchy or downright vulgar!

This is how the Trust Fund Beauty line comes packaged. Everything arrived in cute tissue and colorful crinkle paper. The full size polishes come boxed and the small sample size polishes come in a little bag with a Trust Fund Beauty $ sticker.

All of the review products unboxed!  One thing I absolutely loved here was that the sample bottles had the same long and slim brush that the full sizes had. It definitely makes swatching easier when dealing with different bottle sizes when the brushes match!

High Maintenance - 2 Coats with Natural Finish

First up is High Maintenance, a copper leaning gold holo.

Formula was great - it starts a bit sheer so what I do (and did for both holos I was sent) is do one coat, dry, go back and do the tip only, dry, and then do your 2nd coat. It's much easier than waiting for 3 coats to dry as it will show a bit of VNL at 2.

This one had a great linear holo that I had a little struggle capturing. Sadly its been way too overcast outside this week to take sun shots. But the holo is great in this one.

This color to me falls somewhere between copper and caramel. Its sort of orange, sort of brown, sort of gold. It's really unique to my collection, but then again I maybe have 3 other holos in the orange/coral/gold family.

Filth & Glamour - 2 Coats with Natural Finish

This one was one of my picks to receive and it's a stunner. This is Filth & Glamour.

Same formula and application as High Maintenance.

This is another linear holo, slightly less holo than High Maintenance. I'd call it a sage, dirty mint green.

Another pretty unique to my collection color, most green holos lately are either a darker shade or more of a mint.

Made of Money - 2 Coats + Top Coat

Made of Money - a super frosty green leaning grey/silver.

In the bottle this one looks so cool, so different and interesting. But on the nail its a bit of a granny shade. I admit, its the frosty brushstrokes that make me want to hate it.

I showed this photo to my boyfriend and he loved it. I think it's definitely a polish for an acquired palette. I love weird colors like this, and I think if it lost the brushstrokes and was more metallic it would be a HUGE win. That said, you can always sponge on a top layer to lose those strokey bits, and I'm sure I will because it's a pretty interesting color.

Rehab & Repeat - 2 Coats + Top Coat

Obviously this is my favorite of the bunch. Rehab & Repeat. Love that name.

This polish is wicked complex. It's almost like peeling back the notes in a perfume. It seems to have a deep chlorophyll colored base (aka green) but then this teal/blue pops up on top of it to give it an almost duochrome quality. And then there are holo bits in it too!

In different lighting/different angles it can pull more green or more blue, it's really quite a chameleon.

Formula was wonderful here, 2 perfect coats and while the tiny glitters didn't need smoothing, I added a top coat anyway just to make them nice and shiny.

Bitch Please - 2 Coats (1 is fine)

Bitch Please is a foil/metallic light purple/lavender.

This is a one coater for sure, but I did two just for photography sake in case it was patchy at all. Application was smooth.

This would make for a fab stamping/art polish. While it's not the most unique shade (in fact I'm pretty sure I own 2 polishes quite similar, will compare them later), it is still quite beautiful and worthy of having in a collection.

And how about some nail art?

So I decided to do some very very very simple art with these. I simply stamped a fishnet style design over the Bitch Please nails with black.

Then I did a couple nails black and did a distressed brushstroke with Bitch Please over the top.

Pretty cool stuff, right?
Go visit their website, where they have a TON of awesome shades to choose from!
Also make sure and visit Trust Fund Beauty on:

If you've made it this far, you're in luck!
Trust Fund Beauty has graciously offered my readers ONE FREE FULL SIZE BOTTLE of polish of Trust Fund Beautys choosing when you place an order with them!
Use code TFB to redeem this offer!
Expires 5/8/2014!

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