Luxe Lacquers - The July Box Reviewed

Hi friends and readers!
Today I have for you the new July box offering from Luxe Lacquers.
Luxe is a new brand that I showed you last month that features luxury polishes at a nice, affordable price every month via subscription service.
This months box is jam packed with gorgeous summery shades in many different finishes - I call this box a must have!

This months box comes packed in signature Luxe Lacquers wrapping, WELL packed and finished off with zebra tissue paper, a brand embossed ribbon and nice glossy postcards.

And Julys babies complete with their little diamonds.  I can't even begin to tell you how much little touches like this make such a huge difference to me with companies. And I beyond smitten with the Luxe bottles and logo as well.

Anne - 2 Coats w/ Natural Finish
Anne is a seafoam green with pink glassflecks. Truly unique, beautifully applicated. A little sheer on first coat but covers wonderfully upon 2nd. Has a wonderfully glossy finish.

Mila - 2 Coats w/ Natural Finish
Mila is a metallic purple with a blue lean and a pink shimmer. Another wonderful formula at 2 coats with a gorgeous, shiny finish.

Poppy - 2 Coats w/Natural Finish
Poppy is a coral/red neon that applied really well at only 2 coats...for a NEON! Has the stereotypical satin neon finish. For a neon lover such as myself, this is totally unique to my collection.

Siena - 3 Coats w/Natural Finish
Siena was the sheerest of the bunch, coming in at 3 coats. If you like yellows and you have a few, you know yellows are notorious for being streaky and hard to apply. This was minimal on difficulties but it does take a little extra love to get it even. Payoff is fabulous though, this is a nice dusty, darker yellow than most companies churn out and I love that about it, but I love yellow all day long when it comes to polish. Glorious shine on this one, too.

Nail Art
I decided to layer some of the sheerer shades over the metallic for an interesting layering experimental nail art.  Started with Mila, the purple metallic and then I taped off sections and applied Poppy (the coral red neon) and Anne (the seafoam glassfleck).  I LOVE how these two polishes immediately transformed into new shades!

Interested in subscribing to the Luxe Box?
Or just want to know more?
Here are all of the places you can get more info on Luxe Lacquers:

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