New Brand on the Block - A Review of Luxe Lacquers' New Subscription Box

Hey you beautiful people!
I have something NEW NEW NEW for you today! I guess technically its almost ALWAYS new stuff around here, but this is a new brand you probably don't know about and unlike most new indies, this one has come out of the gate with a monthly subcription box and a kickass presentation.

I came across Luxe Lacquers and its Matriarch, Roxy, via Instagram. She is a super nice and chill lady with a fantastic new line. The box arrived to me a day after I talked to her, which was, well, beyond impressive. I had some difficulty with the box so it's not in the picture, but this is what was inside, polishes securely packaged and wrapped in zebra tissue with a branded/printed ribbon.

Inside the wrap I found these beauties, the collection for the June Box, individually wrapped in bags inside black crinkle paper and DIAMONDS! Ok not real ones, but I was almost the same amount of excited regardless of their value. What a rad little extra.

Bonnie - 3 Coats with Natural Finish
First up is Bonnie - a cornflower greyed blue crelly. A little sheer but with a nice formula - at 3 coats it doesn't look thick on the nail.

I was most excited about this shade if for no other reason than it's my moms name. So this bottle of polish will hold a very special place in my collection.

I tend to dislike sheer polishes but the formula on these Luxe polishes really make it ok to go 3 coats deep. And if you are into sheer polish, you can do less! It builds up very nicely, no bubbles no thickies.

Celeste - 3 Coats with Natural Finish
Celeste is another sheer formula crelly that applied fairly opaquely at 3 coats.

This is a bubble bath pink shade that really needs to be a staple in everyones polish arsenal if I'm being honest.

Kate - 2 Coats with Natural Finish
Kate ended up being my favorite of the box. It was nearly a one coat polish! Some nails required 2 coats so I can't say its totally a one coater, but its real close.

On the nail side by side, this is VERY similar to Bonnie. Except for formula. Where Bonnie is a greyed blue, this is more of a blued grey.

Millie - 3 Coats with Natural Finish
Millie was one on the border of 2 and 3 coats. You could swing 2 coats but for the sake of the blogger opacity standard, I did 3.

This one is a gorgeous subdued orange juice shade with tons of glass fleck. It's SUCH a beauty in person, and definitely unique to my collection.

I also decided to blast you with a little nail art of 3 of the polishes in this months box so you can see how they play off of each other.

The base is Kate, the super opaque grey.

I then taped off triangle shapes and applied Millie, the shimmery peach.

And then taped more triangle spaces off and painted on Celeste so you can see how the sheerness plays off of the other polishes.

A couple of things I REALLY loved about this brand/box
-All of the polishes had a fabulous glossy finish
-Every polish in this introductory box is a shade/finish I believe are true staples to a great polish collection
-The formulas were great - not too thick or thin, like gel polishes.

Interested in subscribing to the Luxe Box?
Or just want to know more?
Here are all of the places you can get more info on Luxe Lacquers:

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