Friday, June 6, 2014

Salon Perfect In Bloom - The Blues

Hey there fancy pantsies!
Recently Salon Perfect has come out with a TON of new nail art kits and polish duo packs. I have 8 of the duos to share with you and still more of the nail art stuffs as well, aside from the neon glitters I showed you on Wednesday.
Today I am sharing one from their In Bloom series, this is a pack of gorgeous blues that work amazingly well together!

This is "Bloom 4" according to the bottom of the package and it consists of a light pastel blue, Baby Blues, and a darker blue, Smooth Sailing.

Baby Blues - 2 Coats with Natural Finish
This is a beautiful baby blue that performed and applied just wonderfully.

Smooth Sailing - 2 Coats with Natural Finish
This shade is almost like a slightly teal blue, but just very slightly! Also wonderful formula and application on this as well.

I've also been sent a duo of top coats, one shiny and one matte, which you will see me use on some of these reviews/swatches.
Done a bit of nail art here with the 2 blues in this duo and topped with the Salon perfect top coat. Which dries really fast, but has kind of a stinky smell.

And also with their Matte FX top coat - nice satin finish topper.

These duos, as well as the nail art kits and striper packs, all retail for $4.98 and are now available at select Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

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