Salon Perfect - In Bloom: The Cocktails

Hey friends!
Been gone a few days longer than I expected...we lost another furry over the past weekend, in a pretty terrible shocked all of us and I just haven't been in the mood to mess with much of anything for a few days. But today I'm back with another of the In Bloom Duos from Salon Perfect - let's check it out!

This is In Bloom set 9 - it consists of Mint Julep and Bellini. Not sure why a floral duo is named after adult beverages, but they sure are pretty!

Bellini - 2 Coats with Natural Finish
This is Bellini - a beautiful dark peach creme that applied nicely at 2 coats.

 Mint Julep - 2 Coats with Natural Finish
Another wonderful creme formula that also applied flawlessly at 2 coats.

And for all of these duos I haven been doing some easy nail art to show you how they pair together...

For this I did a base of Mint Julep and then I brushstroked on Bellini. Finished here with the Salon Perfect top coat.

And then again with their Matte FX top coat

Again - these duos are now available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide for 4.98!

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