Thursday, June 19, 2014

Salon Perfect - The Neon Duos

Today I've got for you another Salon Perfect release - here are a couple of their Neon Duos they've recently released, gorgeous bright summer shades in coordinating neon colors!

In the massive box of goodies I was sent from Salon Perfect PR, I also received these two awesome sets of neon polishes. Here I'm showing you both sets in swatches as well as using them in nail art designs.
This is the Neon 5 and Neon 9 set. 
Neon 5 includes Fired Up Fuchsia and Traffic Cone.
Neon 9 includes Summer Escape and Haute Pink.

Summer Escape - 3 Coats w/Natural Finish

Haute Pink - 3 Coats w/Natural Finish

Nail Art Using Haute Pink and Summer Escape

Traffic Cone - 3 Coats w/Natural Finish

Fired Up Fuchsia - 2 Coats w/Natural Finish

Nail Art using Fired Up Fuchsia and Traffic Cone

These neons were really impressive in that I didn't NEED a white undercoating for them to pop/get opaque. White would certainly help, but it's not necessary for those who hate the extras step of using a polish.

These sets are currently available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide for 4.98 each.

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