Hey guys!
Trying to get back to a more normal posting schedule for a little bit here. Lifes all over the place and making it hard to be as consistent as I would like - so much in fact that sometimes no matter how much I have to show you, I don't get the time to edit photos and I have to show you something old. Its ok though, you don't even know the difference I bet!

This is a mani I did for texture week when I was with the Digit-al Dozen - it was a reject I didn't love but I liked enough to save for a rainy day. So here is the rainy day!

I cant in all honesty remember what polishes I used at all, I think I might have sponged 2 greens over OPI Solitaire. I know the stamping was done with A England Saint George.

Be back soon with a REAL post!

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