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Hiiii guys!
It's time for The Beauty Buffs!
Today we're taking on Neons. Do you think this excites me? You must KNOW it does....since neon is almost the only thing I can think about anymore - NEON ALL THE THINGS is all I'm saying...ok, I do have some more to say....

Some lovely neon things I covet (and some I have the pleasure of owning)
Pure makes THE BEST neon polishes ever. Sorry to anyone else who tries, you can't compare in my heart. I am also desperately in love with those neon platforms and clutch. A cute neon pink blazer from Modcloth, a cool drippy blue business card holder from Urban Outfitters, some wicked awesome neon pink lipstick and that amazing eyeshadow palette from BYS.

For todays neon mani I am using some of the new nail art accessories from Salon Perfect.  This is a set of 4 neon glitters, a base/top coat and a brush to brush off excess glitter.

I did a gradient of neons and white using all 4 of the above mentioned Pure polishes in the collage. 

I then brushed on some of the Salon Perfect included clear coat and sponged on the coordinating glitters.

I found the glitters lost their "oomph" when you coat OVER them, so I left this without top coat.

These nail art glitters, along with much more, are now available at Wal-Marts nationwide and retail for $4.98

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