Sunday, July 13, 2014

Neon Easter Eggs with Born Pretty Store Nail Art Supplies

It's still summer, right?
I think summer has lasted 6 months already and its not even half over yet. The only good I ever find in summer is polish. Bright, fun, NEON. Today I've got some fun nail art enhancements that are neon...because neon isn't just for polish and old Madonna outfits from the 80s (guilty)!

I've got a couple of products sent to me by Born Pretty Store. Both consist of neon items and are really easy to use for a variety of art designs.

Part of this review focuses on these cute 3d neon nail stickers.  You can find them HERE on the Born Pretty Store site - they retail for $1.59 - I'm using Pattern No. 1

I'm also using these loose glitter pots which retail for $6.14 for 12 packed jars of glitter.

For this mani I simply started with a white base. I used top coat and lightly brushed it on from the cuticle to about 2/3 up the nail and then I took a brush and applied the glitter to that section of the nail. I do all the nails and then after I go back in and brush off the excess glitter from my nails so the top coat has had time to set it and hold it on the nail.

After glitter application, I just peeled the stickers from the sheet and cut them to size and applied! Neon Easter Eggs! Finish with some top coat!

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