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SwissVita 3-D Eye Lift Cream Review

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First off - IM BACK!
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I have begun a new blog - Darkside Teaparty - there I will be lifestyle blogging. If you are interested in following me, you should!  I will be posting a few current entries here in the meantime!

I'm here today with a product I was sent to review from the brand SwissVita.

Upon my research, I believe SwissVita is an overseas company that sells its products on Amazon.
They seem to have several options in their skincare line, I found quite a few different serums as well as a multi-purpose cream in their Amazon Store.

This product retails for $29.99 USD and I believe it is available to ship with Amazon Prime.

Now lets talk about the claims of this product and the packaging.

Packaging - comes in an aluminum tube, which I liked. Sometimes plastics affect the effectiveness of a product, so I respect the choice here to package this in aluminum. It reminds me of a tube of superglue.  When I first opened it, as you will see in the pictures below, the long pointed applicator section of the tube came off, I believe it just wasn't screwed on properly in the factory so I screwed it on and all was well.

-Visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles.
-Brightens around eyes and diminished puffiness.
-Improves skins firmness and elasticity
-Nourish and heal discolored skin, fine lines and wrinkles.
-Paraben Free

Here is my eye the day I received the product, before and after initial application. As it is still a bit tacky after application, I feel the wrinkles I have and fine lines are more noticeable, but this diminishes when the product dries down.

After almost two weeks of use this is my eye area after application on the 10th day of use.
My fine lines DO seem a bit less visible, which surprised me because the product really didnt seem very effective on a day to day level. But the picture here shows me it actually was working.

Product box instructions and claims.

Ingredient list

Bottom of box with expiration date, which I definitely appreciate as someone who always seems to keep products well past when they are still of use to me.

Tube of product.

Now lets talk about the consistency of this product^^
It has a thin serum/gel type of fluidity.
Odd for what is touted as a "cream"
I HATED the way this felt after was tacky on my eye and stayed that way for hours if I didn't apply makeup over it. But days I DID apply makeup over it, it seemed fine under makeup.
The results do speak for themselves though, I thought for sure it was just like any other eye cream I have used in the past that really gave no benefits, but I definiely do see a difference in my fine lines.
Not so much in puffiness or color as of YET...I will update this after about a month of use and let you know if I saw any changes in those areas.

SwissVita Eye Cream is available for purchase HERE.
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