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Really sorry about the lack of posts this week. Something about working, being a dog mom and the main cook in the house really can drain your free time.  And as always I was asked to stay over a few days this week at work and since I like having money, I never say no. I'd spend my workdays contemplating the next blog post, the next manicure, etc...then I'd get home and walk and feed the dog and next thing I knew it was time to make dinner and indulge in some Supernatural.  Needless to say, I soon realized it was the end of October and my easiest fallback was a monthly favorites post...but rest assured, once I post this I am spending the day doing some swatching and polishing and pre-scheduling!
Shall we get to the reason you're reading?
I think so.

I like to start off with skincare since that's first and foremost in life, to me anyway!

When The Ordinary dropped last year I was all about some sciencey cheap skincare options and I picked up several of their offerings. Some of their products were lackluster and some really stood out, like this one. Not for the faint of heart, I am far from sensitive and this stuff can sting for a minute even on my armadillo shell.  But the results are really special.  I was using this once a week at first and started to feel like it was losing its pizazz, so I pulled back to once a month and now everytime I use it I feel the burn and the amazing skin smoothing effects so much more.  It's a scary blood red that looks like you peeled your face off, but trust's far from ordinary.

Another staple in my skincare arsenal is Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go. The way I found out I loved this and couldn't live without it, was when I had to live without it. When I moved I had packed a bag of all my skincare essentials and must-have toiletries. Then I forgot to put it in my car.  I wasn't working at the time and I couldn't indulge in things like 20 dollar toners, so I had to patiently wait until I had a job and disposable income and once I did, this was the first thing I ran to buy.  This comes in a liquid form as well as these pre-moistened pads. I prefer these as they just seem to last longer and are perfect for my lazy ass.  I've also used the glow peel pads but I didn't like them much and would just rather use a slightly simpler formula I could use every day.  I've tried The Ordinary glycolic toner and saw nothing, but this one I always see changes in my skin for the better. It's a pricey drugstore brand but it is SO worth it, #youonlyhaveoneface

I didn't see immediate results when I started using this but after about a month I could tell that my lips were much smoother and I could even go a day without lip balm and they wouldn't get chapped.  I could never go back to not using this now, I just smear it on before bed and it will keep my lips hydrated well into the 24-48 hour zone.

I've struggled this month to polish, though I haven't struggled to BUY polish. Among the things I left behind when I moved was 3/4 of my nail stash, polishes, art supplies, basics. Definitely could not live without a ridge filler. In a pinch I was in Walgreens and looking for the Essie ridge filler as that is my favorite but it was nowhere to be seen so I stumbled upon this and figured I'd see. It works. It's not mind blowing but I'm not sure a ridge filler NEEDS to be. I was happy to find a cheaper alternative to the Essie that worked like it needed to and that I didn't hate.

I always hear people complain about brow products pulling too warm on them. I on the other hand, need something warm right now as my hair is pretty bright red.  I was working with powders and my standard brown brow products and I wasn't happy. I had been truly happy with Benefit Kabrow but it dried up so quick I refuse to repurchase a product I can't get through before it needs replacing.  So I remembered I had Mr. Bing Gel Liner from Colourpop, a warm red leaning brown.  This stuff works wonders and doesn't budge.  It's perfection.

My makeup gets very simplistic when I'm doing it for work.  I may go bananas with my eye makeup but I keep my lips pretty basic because I just don't have time to keep tabs on whats happening there.  So NYX Tres Leches has been a lifesaver. It's glossy but the "intense" part means it has great pigment and lasting power.  I can easily go 4-6 hours without even having to babysit this.

How did I get this?  I don't even know as I tend to hate mini products.  But I have it and I love it. This is Lovecraft by Kat Von D and it has become one of the  best MLBB shades I've ever owned.  Definitely gonna need to pickup the full size of this baby.  These lipsticks are so creamy and lightweight.

Brushes...I have a vast arsenal of brushes and yet I tend to rotate through the same ones for the same things. But sometimes it can be fun to use brushes for things other than their intended purpose.  Granted, the Bare Minerals face brush is for foundation and it's what I use it for and it's AMAZING.  I don't know what makes this brush different than any other when it comes to a brush for foundation but somehow, some way, it just blows my other foundation brushes away.
The other is a Tom Ford brush dupe I picked up on ebay awhile ago, Jessup No 2.  I believe its a blush brush but I have become enamored of using this as a contour really blows out the powder and blends it perfect.

Kat Von D Blotting Powder. I love using this to pack into my cheek and nose pores as well as setting my concealer. It is really fantastic at blurring.

IBY Contour Palette...a Boxycharm acquisition that I didn't use for quite some time. I messed with other products that were never quite designed for contouring and I realized I was looking a bit corpse-like with those.  One day this month I cracked this open and it's been a daily go to ever since.  

The highlight shades aren't something I use but all three of the contour shades are pretty fantastic for my NC20 skintone.

Oh baby.  The Saint and Sinner Palette. I saved a small fortune away each week waiting for the release date of this. Once I had it, I socked away the money and waited as patiently as I could.  It released, I purchased it, and the day it arrived I just stared in awe.  And then I didn't touch it for 3 weeks.  It sat, in all of its glory, on my vanity, taunting me with its beauty.

Then one day I broke down and I opened it up.  There has been no going back ever since.  I have used this palette every single day since that first time.  I'm obsessed.  It has to me, everything you could need. Occasionally I will pull in a neutral palette to pair with it, but I don't always need to.  Martyr, Vestment and Heaven are my favorites so far.  Honestly, I think I was afraid that the quality would not live up to the packaging. I was sooooo sooooo wrong.  This is one of the best KVD palettes I own.

And lastly...we need that finishing spray.  I own quite a few but the Milani Make It Last is the one I can actually see doing what it claims when bedtime comes and I go to remove my makeup.  It does wonders keeping my base from transferring and keeping any oils at bay.  I have about 3 uses left, I need more asap!

Any of my favorite yours, too?  
What did you fall in love with this month? Tell us, I need lemmings!

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