Fall Favorite Polishes - Blues and Grays

Disclosure - Personal Purchases and PR Samples

Hey everyone! So sorry for the lack of posts this week, I had good intentions but there was a big markdown cycle at work and I ended up doubling my scheduled hours to get it done.  I had the pics done I just could not find the energy to make the posts for them. Ugh...life and adult things are just too much some days.  I am so glad its cooling down here for Autumn because the heat just drains me of any ability to be motivated or productive!  Am I the only one?
I digress...let's look at some pretty polishes, shall we?

Today we are delving into some of my favorite blues and grays.  Scofflaw Love Letter to Bob Ross had me at the name and kept me at the beauty and intrigue of this polish.

Next up is BB Couture Smoke...ugh...I am obsessed with this polish. Its a light grey with cool gold shimmer that look like black/dark grey speckles on the nail and just remind me of concrete or granite. 

Ah...an all-time classic and probably still to this day my absolute most favorite polish ever in life - A England Saint George.  Need I say more?

A great creme shade is OPI CIA=Color is Awesome.  I love this smoky dark blue type of color, its a great neutral.

Then there's NARS Storm Bird...a beautiful medium grey creme. Nothing special but there is just something about the tone of this grey that I can never get enough of.

In the same vein of grey cremes, here is Julep Brandt, a near black grey, I really need a backup of this one, it is perfection and has a fantastic formula.

Next up is a stunning combo that's always been one of my favorites, blue and copper.  This is Girly Bits CU Blue, a gorgeous royal blue jelly with copper microglitters.

Aaaaand...last but not least, a beautiful sage blue/green from Nicole/OPI called Goodbye Shoes.

Hope you enjoyed these, see you next time with some fantastic purples!

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  1. All of these are really beautiful, but BB Couture Smoke is hands down the star of this selection for me. So simple, so delicate, so lovely.

    1. Agreed...Smoke has been one of my favorite polishes since the moment I laid eyes on her. She was clawing at my brain until I finally gave in and bought her and I've never looked back!


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